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    Food Saver Vacuum Sealers & Bags

LITIMALL Vacuum Sealer Machine for Preservation Automatic Vacuum Sealing System, Intelligent LED Indicator Lights,with Starter Kit Inclued 10 PCS Bags

Product Features:

    Production Information:Litimall Vacuum sealer machine is great for home or professional use, Vacuum Sealer Canister capable.food grade material and BPA free. Easy One-touch to Vacuum & Seal operation, it's a good helper for your daily kitchen life.Functions:Vacuum SealingHalf-Vacuum Sealing/ Sealing OnlyAir SuctionSpecification:Brand: LitimallProduct name:Food Vacuum Sealer MachineColor: WhiteModel No.:…
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Product Description

Production Information:
Litimall Vacuum sealer machine is great for home or professional use, Vacuum Sealer Canister capable.food grade material and BPA free. Easy One-touch to Vacuum & Seal operation, it’s a good helper for your daily kitchen life.

Vacuum Sealing
Half-Vacuum Sealing/ Sealing Only
Air Suction

Brand: Litimall
Product name:Food Vacuum Sealer Machine
Color: White
Model No.: VS-LT300S
Material: ABS, PC
Vacuum degree: -40KPa/-60KPa
Voltage & Frequency: 100V~240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power: 130W
Decibel: ≤50dB
Vacuum sealing operating time: 10~20 seconds
No-vacuum sealing operating time: 6~15 seconds
Sealing bag in Width: ≤30cm(11.81″)

Package List:
1 x LiTimall Vacuum Sealer
10 x 7.9X11.8 Inch / 20cm x 30cm Vacuum Sealer bag
1 x User Manual
(not include hose)

How to Use Litimall Vacuum sealer?

Step 1 Plug in the power to initiate vacuum sealing.
Step 2 Cut the vacuum bag to the size you want, and seal the one side of the openning end with “MAN SEAL” button. then open the the cover by pressing the On/Off button at the both side of device to take out the bag.
Step 3 Put the food or something you want to packed into bag then put the openning end to the chamber and close the cover, then press “VAC SEAL” button, it will vacuum sealing aotumatically with blue indicator light turn on, and then press “START/STOP” as the red and blue indicator lights flashing alternately.
Step 4 When vacuum sealing is completed, ” VAC SEAL” indicator light will turn off and the “START/STOP” indicator light will turn blue. press ” OPEN” button, then open the the cover to take out the vacuum-sealed food.

Product Features

  • ✓STORE & PRESERVE FOOD: Our state of the art vacuum sealer is an economical solution to keep food fresh Up to 6x Longer. Store & preserve vegetables, fruits & meats or vacuum for sous vide.
  • ✓SUPER AIR SUCTION: Portable size with super air suction. By using a commercial grade vacuum pump and highly effective motor, LITIMALL vacuum sealer works with strong air.
  • ✓INNOVATIVE UPGRADES: 1,Effective vacuuming and sealing functions with low noises in working process. 2, Easy-to-handle manual Inching function is suitable for varieties of food, especially for crisp fried food. 3,Intelligent LED indicator lights. 4,Suitable for all vacuum sealer bags and bag rolls up to 12inch wide.
  • ✓EASY OPERATION–Litimall automatic vacuum sealer adopt automatic One-touch press button for vacuum sealing with quite low noise ≤50dB ,done the work in senconds, has functions of Sealing-Only/ Half-vacuum sealing/Vacuum sealing/Air suction. Two LED indicator lights show you the status of the process, it is a great assistant of sous vide for cooking.
  • ✓STARTER KIT – Buy Litimall food vacuum sealing machine together with free 10 pcs vacuum bags(7.9X11.8 inches)(not include hose),it can take vacuum bag rolls and individual vacuuming bags, the bag’s width can not exceed 30cm (11.81″).