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Product Features:

    ReminderWhen you start the machine,please be sure to press the vacuum cover tightly.Sparks or smoke would be happened when it is not completely vacuum. It is at your own risk.Note:There is no vacuum oil inside,please buy it on yourselfSpecificationsNoise:<80 dBRate of exhausting:5.5L/sModel:DZ-260CSeal bar length: 10.2in(260mm)Current: 5APower supply: 220V/50HZMachine Dimensions:…
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Product Description


When you start the machine,please be sure to press the vacuum cover tightly.

Sparks or smoke would be happened when it is not completely vacuum. It is at your own risk.

Note:There is no vacuum oil inside,please buy it on yourself


Noise:<80 dB

Rate of exhausting:5.5L/s


Seal bar length: 10.2in(260mm)

Current: 5A

Power supply: 220V/50HZ

Machine Dimensions: 16in*12.2in*11.4in(410*310*290mm)

Motor Power: 120W

Shell material: Stainless steel

Workroom size: 12.9in*10.7in*2in(330*275*50mm)

Type: Vacuum packing machine

Guarantee: 2 years

Packing speed: 1~4pcs/min

Workroom lowest absolute pressure: <=1KPa

Suction Speed:2 CFM

Max. sealing size: 260mm*10mm

Inlet air bore: 0.2

How to use

New machine boot preparation

Please check the vacuum pump oil level (standard oil level line 1/2) If the oil level is too low, it should be refueled. (46 hydraulic oil)


1.Set the vacuuming time, first set for 30 seconds, according to the specific vacuum effect to set.

2.Set the sealing time, first set for 2 seconds, if it is a thick vacuum bag, increase the sealing time.

3.Set the cooling time, first set for 2 seconds.

4.Close the vacuum cover, press the vacuum cover manually, then press the start button, after the vacuum table is running to release the hand.

5.When the vacuum table is attained to the green area (0.06-0.08Mpa), it means that the vacuum has been completed.

Pay Attention

1 Pressing down and holding on the vacuum cover is very important, it will affect whether the vacuum can be good, and there will be sparks on both sides of the heating wire.

2.Do not confuse the time setting of the seal and vacuum. If the sealing time set too long, and there will be sparks on both sides of the heating wire.

Product Features

  • 【Feature】Very simple and convenient to use. Small volume, light weight, low energy consumption and automatic control operation. Fits for stores, supermarkets and family. There is no power connection in the vacuum chamber lead to a more beautiful vacuum chamber. It is easier and quicker to change the sealing heating wire. Sealing temperature range is extensive so that this machine fit fo
  • 【Description】This desktop vacuum sealer is our updated type of popular common vacuum packaging machine. It may packing various of ripe products, salted, bean products, fruit product to be fresh. After vacuum packaging, the food may keep it’s original taste and stored much longer.The machine is structed with tightness packaging materials with strick advanced seal technology, prevent food from going spoilage.
  • 【Widely usage】This commercial grade vacuum packing machine gives you the opportunity to seal in your foods goodness and pack it for later. Getting the best steak you’ve ever tasted! This machine will help you seal your meat perfectly for the new slow cook method used by chefs. It is also suitable for small size object packing and for packing money and financial document,voucher etc.It packed products can be prevented geting damp,going mould,insect and prolong the storage period.
  • 【Shipment】We ship directly from the US warehouse.about 5-7 business days to delivery. We have a Professional Customer Service Team to Reply You within 24 hours.If you have any questions or concerns, Feel free to contact us!We will always stand behind our products and will provide the best suitable solutions for you
  • 【Application】This machine is applicable for vacuum packing of food,grain,fruit,pickle,preserved fruit,ehemical medicine,medicinal materials,electronic elements,precise instrument,rare metal,erc. In the form ofliquid,solid,powder or paste by using plastic film or plastic aluminum foil film.It can prevent the packed products from oxidating,mildewing,worm-eating,rotting or damping,and prolong the shelf period.It especially applies to industries as tea,food,medicine,shop and research institute,etc.